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Fast Food Tips

Fast Food Tips

Pub grub!

Soup Bangers & mash Why not order some extra salad or vegetables or a jacket potato instead of chips?
Roast meats Chips
Jacket potato Cheese
Salad Loaded potato skins Prawn cocktail
Casseroles, such as chicken casserole. Mashed/roast potatoes
Any pie containing pastry for example Steak & Kidney Pie
Anything fried for example Scampi


Soup Egg fried rice Why not split the main with a partner and order some extra vegetables. Try eating with chop sticks, you may just eat less!
Chow Mein Spring rolls
Szechuan Wontons
Piquant Cashew nut dishes
Sweet and sour Banana fritters
Char Siu Prawn crackers (even if they're free!)
Black Bean Sauce


Kallan Bhaji Choose chapatti bread over naan bread.

Don't 'double carb' choose only one of rice or bread, not both.

Do you really need the starter/side dish?
Roghan Josh Samosas
Vindaloo Puri
Paalak Korma
Maethi Kashmiri
Karahi Pasanda
Jalfrezi Makhani
Balti Kaghani
Pall Karahi
Rezella Masala
Sagh Biryani


Napolenta Cured meats such as parma ham and pepperoni Add extra vegetables to a pizza such as pineapple, peppers and mushrooms.

Order a side serving of salad. Have a salad with lasagne, try to avoid chips.
Arrabita Pesto
Marinara Oil (poured)
Puttanesca Parmesan cheese
Risotto Goats cheese
Salad (ask for dressing on the side). Cream
Pine nuts

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