My aspirational sample 7 day food diary

Emma Brown | 08 Feb, 2014

Over the past few weeks I have written blog about sugar and sugar vs fat in response to what has been in the news. Rachel has also looked at the evidence for popular diets. Last week's BBC2 programme made some interesting findings about the effects of high sugar and high fat diets - but the conclusion was that no single food group should be singled out and labelled as 'bad'. The message was clear: faddy diets don't work, and we should eat a healthy balanced diet includes all food groups.

But what exactly does a 'healthy balanced diet' look like? Most of us know we should eat our 5-a-day but did you know there is a dairy target - 3 portions a day? Adults should also include 2 portions of oily fish a week, and we should be eating more 'complex carbs'.

A sample 7 day food diary

I was tasked to create a 7 day food diary based on a 1,400 calorie per day target that was realis tic, aspirational and yet still checked the 'eating healthily' boxes.

Many of us have to juggle hectic lifestyles and we need to sometimes cheat a little, so it includes a few prepared meals. We all need a treat or two - so it includes some chocolate and alcohol. The aim was to achieve a balance. The 80% / 20% rule - eat well most of the time and you can afford a few indulgences.

Have a look and see what you think.

7 day food diary

Recipes for 7 day diary

7 day food diary (meat free)

Meat free recipes for 7 day diary

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