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Will I automatically be charged after my trial?

You will not be charged automatically at the end of your 7 day free trial. To subscribe, you actively need to sign into your iTunes / Google Play account and make the payment – it can't happen without your consent.

If you don't wish to upgrade, your account status automatically reverts to free Lite membership – this gives you unlimited searches for foods, but you can only add 5 items a day to your diary.

Your calorie target and diary view explained

We set you a personal food target. Plus an exercise target to burn 200 kcals a day.

You have a choice of two diary settings. Which one is right for you depends on your goal and lifestyle.

The view the app gives new members sets a daily goal which may start from 1,200 kcals. If you exercise a lot, you can earn extra calories. Because your exercise calories are added onto your food target, this is the Combined Diary.

If you feel 1,200 kcals is too low for you, try the Separate Diary. Your food target starts from 1,400 kcals and your exercise target is 200 kcals. This view tracks your food and exercise separately. 1,400 kcals is low enough to lose weight, even if you don't exercise.

Which diary option is right for you?

If you are active and need extra calories to refuel, the Combined Diary view will suit you. If you do very little exercise, try the Separate Diary view.

To switch, tap the blue menu button to the right of the search bar > Diary Preferences > Daily Totals.

I requested a password reset email but nothing arrived?

Please check your email Junk folder. If the password reset email has definitely not arrived, you may have mis-spelled your email address when registering. Please email the Customer Care Team at and we will assist you.

Can I set my own calorie target?


In the app

Tap the blue menu button to the right of the search bar in your diary. Select Nutrient Goals > Set My Own Goal. Enter your preferred target, scroll down and tap Apply Changes.

On the website

Click on the Settings link above your diary > Set a nutrient goal > Set My Own goal. Click on the calorie target to override it with your own figure, press Apply changes.

Note! 1,200 calories is the minimum target allowed.

My start weight is wrong. How do I change it?

In the app

  1. Tap More > My Profile & Account. Now tap Edit at the top right and follow each screen to change your Start Weight. Or you can also do this by going to Progress > Edit > green RESET button.
  2. Go to Progress and tap Edit at the top right. Now tap the orange RESET start weight button and update your start weight and date.

On the website

  1. Go to your profile and select the Personal Details tab. Enter your correct start weight and then reset your goal weight further down the page. (Remember we advise that you set your targets in steps that are no more than a 10% loss). Then press + Update to correct your Profile. This will update your daily calorie target and also reset your goal weight date automatically.
  2. Now click on the Weigh-in tab and click on the My Weight Tracker link, then click on Show Barchart and select Show Data from the drop down. This will display weight entries as text rather than a bar chart view. To delete previous weight records, click on the grey dustbin next to each one. (You will need to remove each entry one at a time)
  3. Enter your correct start weight in the Add new weight section below your charts. Press the + Update Chart to enter your new start weight for today's date.


If you want to enter your new start weight on a date before today, you need to use the calendar. This is the small icon with what looks like a number '7' on it (to the left of the 'update chart' button). Click on the calendar icon to open it, select the date you want, then close the window by clicking the small x in the top right corner. Press the 'update chart' button.

Your start weight entry must be the earliest entry by date for your overall weight loss to be calculated correctly.

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