My start weight is wrong. How do I change it?

Your Weight Tracker chart will have picked up the very first starting weight you entered into your Personal Details. You need to change this in two places...

  1. Click on the 'My Profile' tab and select the 'Personal Details' tab. Enter your correct start weight and then reset your goal weight further down the page. (Remember we advise that you set your targets in steps that are no more than a 10% loss). Then press '+Update' to correct your Profile. This will update your daily calorie target and also reset your goal weight date automatically.
  2. Now click on the 'Weigh-in' tab and click on the 'Update Weight Tracker' link, then click on 'Show Barchart' and select 'Show Data' from the drop down. This will display weight entries as text rather than a bar chart view. To delete previous weight records, click on the grey dustbin next to each one. (You will need to remove each entry one at a time)
  3. Enter your correct start weight in the 'Add new weight' section above your charts. Press the '+ Update Chart' to enter your new start weight for today's date.

If you want to enter your new start weight on a date before today, you need to use the calendar. This is the small icon with what looks like a number '7' on it (to the left of the 'update chart' button). Click on the calendar icon to open it, select the date you want, then close the window by clicking the small x in the top right corner. Press the 'update chart' button.

Your start weight entry must be the earliest entry by date for your overall weight loss to be calculated correctly.

Why doesn't Nutracheck show all the calories my Fitbit says I've burned?

Nutracheck already factors BMR calories into your personal calorie allowance. So when we pull the calories burned figure from your Fitbit, we only count actual exercise you have done or steps taken. If we imported all BMR calories burned, there would be an element of double counting and we want to ensure that the calories burned figures used are in your best weight loss interest i.e. not over stated.

Do I need to eat less if I don't burn off 200 calories in exercise?

No - it is not necessary to reduce your food intake by 200 calories if you don't achieve the exercise target, but this combined target was set for you to help you achieve your weight loss at the rate you selected. You can still expect to lose, but the extra activity target is designed to accelerate this.

To lose 1lb a week you need to create a calorie deficit of between 500 - 600 calories a day. This is best achieved through a combination of eating less and increasing your activity level - hence why you are also set a target to burn 200 calories each day in additional activity.

Burning the extra 200 calories is especially important if your daily target is 1,400 calories to ensure that you lose weight at the rate you have selected. You will still lose weight by controlling your food intake, but without the exercise, but weight loss may be slightly slower (this is all explained on your Results page on the website).

Plus increasing your activity level has so many positive benefits on your general health!

What more do I get by upgrading to Website & App membership?

Some of the really useful website extras... Website & App App-Only

More options to personalise your food diary layout and totals. Plus drag and drop food between meal occasions

See your 'Favourites' and 'Recently added' foods as photos
More reports for insight into your eating habits
'Food Triggers' feature to help with emotional eating
Over 500 calorie counted recipes
LIVE club weigh-in - just like a class, only virtual
Get personal answers to your questions from our nutrition and fitness experts

Plus many more helpful tools...

I used to be logged in automatically but it has stopped working - why?

If you use the SAME computer each time to access Nutracheck:

Check that the 'Automatic Log In' setting on your account is still set.

To do this:

  1. Sign in and hover over 'Profile' in the top navigation bar and select any link under 'My Account'.
  2. In the 'Sign in details' section, click 'update' where it says 'Automatic Log In'.
  3. Select 'Yes' where it asks 'Do you wish to stay logged in when you leave Nutracheck?' and click 'Confirm'.

When you return to the website, just click on any navigation tab and you will be signed straight in. If you have tried this and the problem persists, please contact the Customer Care Team at customercare@nutracheck.co.uk.

If you access Nutracheck through DIFFERENT computers (e.g. work & home)

The 'Automatic Log In' setting needs to be ticked on each computer you use to access Nutracheck. Selecting the 'Automatic Log In' setting will only work on the computer you were signed in on when you did this.

To set 'Automatic Log In':

  1. Sign in and hover over 'Profile' in the top navigation bar and select any link under 'My Account'.
  2. In the 'Sign in details' section, click 'update' where it says 'Automatic Log In'.
  3. Select 'Yes' where it asks 'Do you wish to stay logged in when you leave Nutracheck?' and click 'Confirm'.

How can I remove an item from my Favourites?

  1. Click on the 'My Favourites' link in the 'Add food/drink' panel.
  2. Click the orange 'Edit/Multiple Add' link to the right of the page title 'My Favourites'.
  3. Select the items you wish to remove, press 'Delete selected lines' and then confirm.

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