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How do the weight loss rosettes work?

For each 1lb you lose, you get a green rosette which updates for each lb lost until you reach a 7lb milestone – then it turns silver. Once you hit the next mile of 1st/14lbs it turns to gold.

Please note! It can take a couple of hours for the weigh-in data from your Progress chart to feed through into your forum profile and update your rosettes.

Weight loss achieved Award
7lbs - 13.5 lbs Silver 7lb rosette
1st - 1st 6.5 lbs14lbs - 20.5lbs Gold 1st14lbs rosette
1st 7lbs - 1st 13.5 lbs21lbs - 27.5lbs Gold 1st14lbs PLUS Silver 7lbs rosette
2st - 2st 6.5 lbs28lbs - 34.5lbs 2 x Gold 1st14lbs rosettes

Displaying rosettes on your forum profile

To show your rosettes to other members, you need to ensure you have ticked the setting to 'show'.

In the app

Go to Forums and tap the menu button (top left). Tap the orange Edit My Profile button and tap the toggle on next to Lost so far. Now tap Save top right.

On the website

Go to Forums, click on My Profile at the top and click the toggle on next to Lost so far and click the green Save my profile button.

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