Get ready for 2022...

23 Dec, 2021

Happy Christmas from the NC Team!

If you're busy gearing up for January, here are some exclusive ambassador resources plus details of our New Year Members' Challenge!

Jan Challenge
Invite your members
Make a difference challenge

The big NC January Members' Challenge starts Mon 3rd January 2022. The goal is to achieve a month-long streak of daily food tracking. Plus there'll be bonus tasks to encourage members to shop and eat in a sustainable way. Sign up is now open via our Facebook page, plus we'll be promoting it by email to members. You are very welcome to join in with the challenge!

Nutracheck leaflets & posters

Brand new Nutracheck posters and leaflets are now available! Ideal for giving to your members to highlight key features of the app. The posters have a QR code that people to scan to go straight into the app store and download Nutracheck. If you have already requested some, they are on their way! If you haven't and would like some posting, just click below.

Sugar Shockers
Freebies for your members
Claim your 5 free memberships

As we all know, the start of the year is a busy time for people beginning their weight loss journey, and we want to give them a helping hand! That's why we're offering you five free 1 month Nutracheck memberships to give away. Click below to claim yours. (If you've signed and returned your brand ambassador agreement, we have emailed your codes). Claim by 31.01.22

PS If people want to buy a membership before their free month is up, they can do so and won't lose the remaining free days.

January Challenge
Featured blog
The secret to a successful New Year's resolution!

New year resolutions are renowned for failing – around 70% of us don’t even make it to the end of January! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Feel free to share this blog with some helpful tips on your social channels. With your expert support and the NC app, let's make 2022 a year of weight loss success for your members!