UK restaurant's face calorie cull, 5 quick hacks to help you eat less and more...

01 Apr, 2019

Beware the fakes
Beware: How to spot a 'fake' nutritionist
Our Emma is a real nutritionist, there's nothing fake about her, or her MSc degree. But there are plenty of 'fake' Emmas out there, luring the unwary with untried and untested food and nutrition 'advice'.

Easter treats
Fancy an Easter treat? No problem!
You don't have to miss out over Easter: just go smaller! Check out calorie counts in 100s of Easter eggs and treats.

Protein pitfalls
The protein pitfalls of a plant-based diet
Anyone eating a plant-based diet avoiding all animal products needs to properly combine plant-based foods to make sure they're eating enough protein at mealtimes.

High Fibre Days
Have your perfect fibre day
On average, we're eating around 18g of fibre per day – but we should be having at least 30g! If you'd like to get more fibre in your diet, check out Emma's top tips here.

Fasting explained
When's the absolute best time to eat?
It's clear that fasting is popular right now, but questions still remain: in terms of weight loss, is fasting better than tried and tested calorie counting? Emma discusses.

Spring recipes
Fresh recipes for spring
Seasonal, healthy and irresistible – don't miss some of our easy spring favourites.

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