All about the 'F' word: Fibre!

From OK to FAB
Fibre fix: Go from 'OK' to 'FAB' in 2 simple swaps
Emma's easy ways to push your fibre intake from OK to FAB in just 2 simple swaps: here's how.

7 high fibre recipes
7 high fibre meals to increase your daily dose
Fabulously delicious fibre-boosting meals: these dishes supply between 25% - 75% of your fibre RDA.

Easy ways to 30g
We need 30g of fibre every single day – here's how to get it
If trying to get 30g a day in your diet sounds like hard work, Emma shows you how easy it can be.

5g+ extra fibre
Add 5g+ extra fibre ultra-quick: go go go!
Add an extra 5g+ of fibre to your diet with ease, with our 5 quick fibre fixes!

Swap the white sliced bread at lunchtime to boost your fibre
Check out our bread Fibr-o-meter! Emma shows how simply swapping your lunchtime white bread can boost your fibre intake.

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