Tracey's story

Start weight
19st 3lbs
Nutracheck weight loss
7st 11lbs
Current weight
11st 6lbs

My weight loss journey with Nutracheck…

So we begin in January 2020. I knew my diabetic symptoms had got worse... I'd been taking tablets for a few years, but hadn't had a diabetic review for some time.

I visited my GP practice diabetic nurse. After a full blood review, it was clear that my medication was not controlling my condition at all. My bloods should've been between 40 & 60mmol and mine was 119mmol – not good! I was referred to the regional specialist who turned out to be a godsend! A more patronising man you could never meet! He was dismissive of me and was determined that I would be put onto insulin as, in his view, I could never make enough of my lifestyle to change the diagnosis. Anyone who knows me will tell you that if someone says I won't be able to do something, I'll do everything I can to make sure I can do it!

So, I sat down and researched the best way for me to begin my wellbeing /weight loss journey. Never a diet but a lifestyle change. We're a 'fat family' and weight issues have been a part of my life and for all my siblings too. I hoped that if I could change, then maybe they could too.

And my relationship with Nutracheck began!

I'd taken part in 'Veganuary' and felt I'd continue the veggie lifestyle as I found it really tasty!

Then Covid hit the world! I received a letter on 26th March telling me I was deemed to be Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) and needed to be shielded – locked away from everyone and everything.

Rather than let this defeat me, I decided to begin an exercise regime at home. I began 'dancercise'! The weather was lovely and warm so my decking came into play.

Then, we as a family had devastating news. My dear nephew, just 28 years old, was diagnosed with the rarest of brain tumours and was given just weeks to live. His friends began a fundraiser to raise money for his wife and two babies.

I moved from dancing on my decking to jogging on my decking. After the fundraiser, I discovered I quite like the jogging on the spot thing and that became my go-to exercise for the next 6 months.

Sadly my nephew lasted just 10 weeks, passing away one week before his 29th birthday.

So my weight loss continued. By July 2020 I'd lost over 4st and then we CEV people were allowed out once a day for exercise, so I began to walk. First just around the block, then gradually going further and further until come September, together with my friend and neighbour Christina, I was walking upwards of 10 miles a day. Not bad for someone who could barely walk for 10 minutes, let alone 10 miles!

So 2021 loomed. I took Christmas Day off and gained 5lbs in a day! But I got straight back to tracking the next day, which meant by New Years Day, I had lost the 5lbs and another 2lbs on top! Back on track. Back shielding. Back walking.

So by July 2021, I'd lost almost 7st and the weight loss stopped. I just couldn't lose weight!

In September I joined a wellbeing & weight loss group run by an ex WW coach. I'm pleased to say that very quickly, my weight loss restarted and the majority of the group had moved away from WW habits and signed up to Nutracheck.

It's been slow, but I have now lost another 1st and have lost almost 8st in total. I'm not at target yet... I have about 12lbs to go. But I'll get there!

My diabetes is now in remission, I am healthier at 56 than I've ever been, and my goal to not be an insulin-dependent diabetic has been met.

The most difficult part of this whole journey has been not having the full support of my husband and also my son. They want me to be healthy, but not too slim!

My tips for your journey...

  1. Be honest... you're only cheating yourself.
  2. Track, Track, Track!
  3. Don't judge your journey by weight alone... measure yourself at the start of your journey and regularly throughout. You can lose inches and dress sizes even if you're not losing pounds.
  4. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Find a friend who understands and cares about what you're doing and who will support you no matter what.
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