Lee's story

Start weight
14st 10lbs
Nutracheck weight loss
2st 8lbs
Current weight
12st 2lbs

Before using Nutracheck, Lee was a frequent gym-goer who maintained a steady weight. So, you can only imagine his shock when he suffered a heart attack, at just 42.

"I always ate what I wanted because I was regularly at the gym, but when my heart attack stopped me exercising, my weight started increasing," recalls the care worker, now 47. "I didn't immediately change my diet. I saw a consultant who told me my cholesterol was on the rise again. I had two options: I could either take medication that'd give me gout or lose weight... I chose the second option!"

Lee downloaded Nutracheck in April 2022, and found it to be a game-changer that took him from 14st 10lbs down to 12st 2lbs. "It's so easy to use," he says "Before making a meal, I get everything out on the counter, quickly scan the barcodes, go through the app, and then get cooking. It takes minutes. I also really enjoy using the forum. There's a great bunch of people on there and everybody's really supportive."

He developed a passion for walking too. "I walk three miles every day now, and I walk tall and proud, whereas before I'd be hunched over and hovering along."

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