Khloe's story

Start weight
14st 7lbs
Nutracheck weight loss
4st 9lbs
Current weight
9st 12lbs

How much weight have you lost and how long did it take?

I started my weight loss journey in March 2022, and I have lost 4st 9lbs65lbs29.5kg using the Nutracheck app.

What prompted your decision to lose weight?

I have always been a 'bigger' girl. I've tried Slimming World, Weight Watchers, and no-carb diets, but I could never maintain any weight loss. I began struggling with health complications, such as being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and this just motivated me. I know Type 1 Diabetes isn't diet-based, but I knew something had to be done.

How did you hear about Nutracheck?

I searched for reviews on calorie deficit apps and then I found the Nutracheck app. I have stuck with it and never looked back.

Has your weight stayed fairly consistent over the years, or have you always had to manage it?

Previously, I was on a constant diet where I would lose small amounts of weight and then gain it back, but that is no longer the case. I have been able to maintain my current weight through the use of the app since I started losing weight in March 2022, which is fantastic!

Have you experienced any health improvements?

By losing weight, I have experienced numerous health improvements. I have discovered a new-found passion for exercise, strength training, running, and being active - something I have always dreamed of. I have always desired to pursue these activities, but I lacked the confidence to do so.

How easy was it to fit the changes you made into your lifestyle?

I have found it easy to make lifestyle changes and incorporate them into my daily routine because Nutracheck is diverse and simple to use.

What was the most difficult thing about your weight-loss journey?

The most difficult part was challenging myself - I never believed I could do it. I was always known as the young girl who was constantly on a diet. But this time I got my head down, focused on myself and my health, and now I'm living a better, healthier life.

How do you feel now compared to before?

The difference in my physical and emotional self is surreal. I am now a confident woman, which I have never been before.

Any notable milestones to report?

A major milestone for me was reaching 10st. This has always been my 'healthy ideal weight'. I remember starting running as a hobby; I couldn't run for 30 seconds without losing my breath. Now I am confidently running 5k.

What 3 tips would you give to anyone who has weight to lose?

  1. Firstly, believe in yourself.
  2. Don't give up! The scale won't always go down. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your body.
  3. Weight loss journeys aren't always linear. Stick at it, I promise you will love the feeling!

Thank you Nutracheck for giving me a base to input my data, motivate me, and keep track of my day-to-day eating habits. I couldn't have done this without you!

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