Annette's story

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Nutracheck weight loss
10st 1lb
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9st 13lbs

Annette joined Nutracheck in May 2015. She has lost a life changing 10 stone, going from a dress size of 32 to size 10/12. It's now 6 months since Annette reached her goal, and she has been successfully maintaining her target weight. She still uses her food diary to help her stay on track, and has found support from the forum invaluable.

How much weight have you lost and how long did it take?

In total I have lost 13st182lbs82.5kg and 10st140lbs63.5kg was with Nutracheck. I started in May 2015 with Nutracheck and reached my final weight of 9st 13lbs139lbs63kg a year later.

What prompted your decision to lose weight?

I've always been big but mainly in denial about how heavy I really was. I've dabbled with dieting but half heartedly. At my heaviest I weighed 23st322lbs146kg and a traumatic experience in the supermarket made the penny drop. I was followed around by a child laughing and pointing at the very fat lady. I left the shop in tears vowing that it would never happen again.

I completed the 26.2 miles Moonwalk in May and a 5k mud run in June. My size has gone from 32 to a 10/12 and my self confidence has soared.

How did you hear about Nutracheck?

I started out on my own on 24th March 2015 with the purchase of a Nutribullet and lost a couple of stone. On the 30th May I accidentally stumbled across Nutracheck when searching for the calories of something. Counting calories fits in with me; it's something that makes sense, if you put in more fuel than you burn you will gain weight. I also like the anonymity of the site; it feels safe that no-one knows me.

Has your weight stayed fairly consistent over the years, or have you always had to manage it?

I gained weight with all my pregnancies and when my husband lost his job I ate away my misery. I didn't realise how big I had got, I was in denial, but I did know that I struggled with daily life, a flight of stairs was a real struggle and even basic things like cleaning myself after going to the toilet were difficult for me.

How do you feel now compared to before?

As the weight has come off I have found it easier to exercise, I do things I enjoy such as walking and I also cycle to work every day. I completed the 26.2 miles Moonwalk in May and a 5k mud run in June. My size has gone from 32 to a 10/12 and my self confidence has soared. I will never again allow myself to be the size I was, although I have set to maintain I will continue with the diary for at least the foreseeable future so I can continue to train myself. This has truly been a life changing, maybe even a life saving journey.

Any notable milestones to report?

On 14th February 2016 I reached my goal weight of 11st154lbs70kg which is, for the first time in my adult life, a normal BMI, I'm now 9st 13lbs139lbs63kg but more importantly I feel 100% better, it doesn't hurt when I walk and I no longer get short of breath doing simple things like going upstairs or putting on socks.

What 3 tips would you give to anyone who has weight to lose?

  1. Like yourself, I really didn't like myself and I had to learn to value the person I am. By doing this I was able to remain focused on losing the weight for me.
  2. There are no quick fixes or secrets, it is a case of eat less and move more and the weight will come off.
  3. Use the forum, the Nutracheck forum has been my lifeline. The people on it are going through the same battles and will support and encourage with wise words and will also be there to celebrate your successes.
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