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Amber had always struggled with comfort eating, but when the pandemic hit, reports claimed those with a higher BMI could be more susceptible to serious illness, so the 23-year-old early years worker decided to make some changes.

In 2021, she hired a personal trainer and took back control of her eating habits with help from Nutracheck. "Once I got into the swing of using the app, I found it so easy to use," she says. "I like that it has pictures and a barcode scanner to make the process really straightforward."


And it wasn't long before Amber, who at her heaviest weighed 22st, noticed both physical and mental changes: "I'm so much happier now and much more confident. I'm doing things I wouldn't have done three years ago. I enter fitness competitions, I run and I go to the gym six times a week... I feel good, I'm getting myself out there."

What advice would you give to others who are thinking about trying Nutracheck?

"Just go for it. It really will change your life."

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