The Power of 10 Challenge - Day 8

Happy Monday! Just a few days left of the challenge – let's make them count! Here's one of our favourite #MondayMotivation quotes to get you ready for the week ahead..."The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today."

Your aim

This challenge is all about getting active! Whatever your goal – whether that be weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain – exercise is great for our overall health and well-being. So let's boost those feel-good hormones! Get out in the fresh air if you can, but we have ideas for exercises you can do indoors or out. You have two tasks to do each day:

  1. Take 10 minutes to complete your daily food diary
  2. Spend 10 minutes getting active

Day 8 exercises – choose one option below


Chair based

Starting out

Chair based

Stepping it up

Chair based

Bonus Challenge – Double your activity today – do an extra 10 minutes of today's workout (or your own choice of activity) ⌚

Try adding an extra 10 minutes of exercise to your workout routine. Whether you extend the time of your usual activity or spend the time trying something new, those additional minutes will boost your calorie burn and prove you can do more if you put your mind to it! You can choose to do the extra 10 minutes later on in the day if you wish.


No size fits all! That goes for both food and exercise. The good news is, improving fitness and building strength doesn’t always have to include heavy weights and very sweaty workouts. Pilates is an excellent example of how controlled movements can improve your overall strength – trust me, you will feel it! I encourage you to breathe through the burn and enjoy feeling your muscles getting strong with every repetition.

Tip: Find your perfect fit in terms of nutrition! We have a variety of Nutrient Goals in the app you can try. Find these by tapping the blue menu icon in your diary > 'Nutrient Goals'. Our pre-planned goals will automatically adjust your macronutrients, for example a higher protein or lower fat intake. You can also use the 'Set My Own' goal to personalise your targets to your specific needs.

Ines Castro works in the Nutracheck Customer Care Team. She has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Sport & Exercise Science degree. Her passion is running and participating in all things outdoors and active!

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