Phone Home...

05 Feb, 2016

Smart phones and tablets have brought the use of social media to even the most technophobic. OK, Facebook is just "so over" to the younger generation but it's fine for an old fogy like me. I enjoy sharing photos and thoughts with my sister and immediate friends and seeing what everyone else is up to. It's a bit like a gossip over the back garden fence in the old days I suppose. I know it's terrible when you see people sitting at a table together, both glued to their phone and tapping away in silence, but David and I are guilty of that one. I like to think it's 'companionable' silence.

Who would have predicted 15 years ago what the trusty old Nokia would turn into? Probably the last thing I use my phone for today is to actually speak to somebody. It can count my steps. Tell me how many flights of stairs I've climbed. Measure my heart rate. Show the route I've taken and how long it took. It's never been easier to set a fitness goal and keep to it and with the NC app there's no excuse to forget to count calories either.

But here's the tricky bit. You can use your tablet to browse for healthy recipes but it won't cook them for you. You can set your step target but you have to put your trainers on and get out the front door. All too often we make excuses. "I haven't got the time" can often be translated to "I really can't be bothered".


You all know those sentimental Facebook staples: "If you love your children, press like", "My family mean the world to me", share. Well, it's all too easy to share and like but if it's true then find the time to cook a meal from scratch instead of chicken nuggets and frozen chips. Love yourself enough to make health a priority. Remember, your kids will still need you to be around when they’ve got babies of their own."

Don't slump on the sofa in front of a screen, stand in the kitchen and listen to the radio. It uses more calories!