Maintaining by eating curries

Steve Marshall | 22 May, 2015

Last week's blog was about whether my eating habits have really changed for good, or whether many of them would switch back to 'the bad old days' given half a chance. I have also noticed that since I've been maintaining, my weight has still been drifting down slightly. So last week was an opportunity to experiment a bit - we were going on holiday, and I thought that I would just eat what I wanted to, and maybe what I wanted to eat has really changed, and maybe I would not put any weight on. That would mean that for the rest of my life I would not need to be bothered about what I ate - what a great thought!

All I needed to do was pack the bathroom scales and weigh myself every day, just as always. The result was that before we set off I was 83.4kg (bang in the middle of my target range). Six days later I was 86.8kg - if you are not into metric, that's half a stone!! Then I eased off a little, and when we got home, after ten days away, I was 85.9kg - 2.5kg more than when I left.

I was pretty fed up to be honest, because I hadn't gone completely crazy, and many things I ate were still 'sensible choices' - for example, breakfast was always porridge, lunch was always a single prawn or tuna sandwich, I had no snacks of any sort, and desserts were usually fresh fruit. But then I had relaxed on other things - for example, I had one portion of fish and chips, burger and chips once, garlic bread three times, ice cream for dessert twice and mmmmm we went out for a curry three times (there was a great Indian restaurant in the village). But, like it or not, whatever sensible choices I made, what I ate on holiday was NOT - by a long way - the way I can eat for evermore. And I have certainly NOT lost the taste for curries (and probably never will)!

Anyway, some good news is that I got home, and immediately got back into my new eating habits - strictest version. This morning I was 83.7kg, so after the big adventure I am more or less back to where I was when we left on our hols, but now a bit older and a bit wiser!

Steve lost a massive 10st with Nutracheck. He now regularly writes about how he maintains his weight loss.

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