Keeping in my OK weight range

Steve Marshall | 20 Jul, 2012

In a recent blog I was talking about one difficulty of maintenance - that going away for a few days has nearly always given me a weight gain. Although I do lose the gain quite quickly when I am back at home in the old routine, going overweight at all makes me a bit fed up. So Ann suggested that I try losing the weight before going away, so I could come home and still be in my OK range. I have been putting this to the test in the last few days!

My OK range is between 82kg and 85kg. When I came back from my last trip, I was on the limit at 85kg , so over the last ten days I have been pretty careful, and this morning I weighed in at 83.5kg. Tomorrow we are going away for four days, to somewhere that serves very good food, and where there is next to no opportunity for exercise, but I hope to come back to find that I am still in my OK range - at or below 85kg. That would be much better than what would have happened in the past - leave home on 85kg, come back even higher, be fed up, then have to lose the weight to get back to the OK range. Fed up is not good, because there is always a small chance of thinking "oh, what's the point?" and losing my grip! We'll see.

Incidentally, yesterday I was telling somebody about this idea, and she was really surprised that I still had such a focus on my weight, when I was (in her words!) skinny. She asked was I planning on keeping this focus this forever? And the answer was YES! Perhaps a subject for my next blog.

Steve lost a massive 10st with Nutracheck. He now regularly writes about how he maintains his weight loss.

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