I'm a healthy weight

Steve Marshall | 27 Mar, 2015

My BMI yesterday was 24.9 - I am officially a healthy weight!! So this would not be a good time to drift up again, especially as I have also now lost 9st 13lbs, and I would love to reach this imperial measure milestone of a 10 stone loss. BUT...I've blogged before about the big change in our routine once a month, when we have to drive from Gloucestershire to Essex, and stay away for two nights, eating in a pub (or similar). I always come back with a big weight gain, often two kilos. It falls off over the following few days, but I would love to stop this happening.

So I'm writing this in the middle of our latest trip. Last night I had a small starter, but although it involved mushrooms, it also involved a creamy sauce and a piece of toast. Then I had a small portion of fish and chips. For dessert, three scoops of ice cream. Washed down with two pints of not-too-bad beer. Maybe no more than 2000 calories in total. This doesn't seem particularly careful but, compared to everything else on the menu, it was survival rations! I reckon that most of the starters were over 1000 calories, most of the mains were over 2000 calories, and the desserts I couldn't even guess.

Now it's time for breakfast, sure to be many more than my usual 200 calories of porridge. Then lunch when out and about, and another dinner in the same pub tonight. If I get home no heavier than when I left, it'll be a miracle.

Steve lost a massive 10st with Nutracheck. He now regularly writes about how he maintains his weight loss.

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