Happy New Year!!

02 Jan, 2015

Fresh new start, fresh new me......I hope you will join me on my journey for 2015?

I weighed myself New Year's Day. All I can say is omg! I popped to Tesco and used their scales. I'm 5ft 1inch, 16st 1.9lbs and I'm 51% fat. Made me feel revolting to be honest! I struggle to walk up the stairs and even put my shoes on.....it's just wrong.

I made my decision 2015 was my year to lose weight and get healthy. I would like to lose at least 6st.

I've been up and down all my life with my weight but I've certainly never 51% fat. My mission is to now lose it and keep it off. I'm 31 soon and I'm not getting any younger!

I've had a bad last couple of years personally.....my husband left me and I was diagnosed with bipolar. I take medication but it can increase my appetite but even so, doesn't mean I need to choose chocolate over an apple!

I've decided to do my best and make 2015 my year in all ways!

At the moment my energy levels are low due to my medication so I'm not big on cooking, but I will be making a massive effort. I must be honest I'm not keen on exercise but I will try my best!

So here's to new beginnings, fresh starts and I hope you will join me every Friday for weigh in day and fresh blogs!

Sian xxx