Friday My Day 4

24 Nov, 2014

Well the past three days have been a success, I'm feeling a lot less bloated, especially in my face :D

I'm enjoying my food, I'm exceeding my 5 a day, water/peppermint tea intake is well over 2 litres (I do believe water intake is essential in weight loss) and I've been more active at home, without actually taking exercise. I have logged my housework and food prep etc and the calories burned have added up nicely.

Enjoyed soup again for lunch plus 4 crispbreads spread lightly with hummus, adore hummus but have to take it easy as its high in Kcals.

This evening is steak, jacket potato and salad accompanied by a nice bottle of red.

I'm having a night in with the girlie's tomorrow, a Cocktail Evening so I've saved up my extra kcals, but I guess I may go over ha ha, you know what it's like when girls get together!!! I'm really looking forward to it.

So things are going well and the diary is looking good. Here's hoping it continues.

Keep healthy and happy

Lesley x