Freaky weight loss

05 Mar, 2015

I changed my eating habits a year-and-a-half ago. It was no surprise that in the first week I lost a lot - 1.7kg (3.7lbs), and that that sort of loss continued for a time. But then it got harder, and I had to eat less and exercise more to keep losing decent amounts of weight. Nowadays I am really pleased if I lose a kilo (2.2lbs) in a week, and it's often a lot less than that. Then at the start of February I wasn't doing anything very different, but I hit one of those annoying plateaus, and for a couple of weeks my weight hovered around 91kg (14st5lbs). But ten days ago I woke up two pounds lighter, and every day since then it has fallen even more, so in ten days I have lost 4.2kg (over 9lbs!).

It's hard to explain this big loss, because the only thing I seem to have done differently is walk fewer steps, because on some days I have been working where walking is not really possible. And less exercise is not an obvious reason to lose weight.

Anyway, whatever the strange reason, I am very pleased! At 25.3, my BMI is now the merest smidgen into overweight. I saw the doctor on Monday, and she said that my blood pressure was down again, and so halved the dose of my last remaining blood pressure tablet (I used to take three). She also asked me how I planned to manage weight maintenance; I told her I had some cyberhelp (i.e. NC) lined up to help me!

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