Christmas gifts for health and fitness

Emma Brown - Nutritionist | 01 Dec, 2021

Looking for some good gift ideas for your health-conscious friend or relative? We've got you covered! Here are 18 suggestions for useful health and fitness presents to suit all budgets.

Budget friendly (less than £8)

Christmas gifts

Wellbeing journal – from around £4

A simple thing, but keeping a daily journal can be a really effective way to check in with ourselves. There are lots of specific wellness-themed options available now which are great for encouraging self-care.

Christmas gifts

Pillow/room spray – from around £5

A pillow spray or room spray with a variety of scent options is a thoughtful gift to help someone relax and unwind. Lavender pillow helps promote better sleep – so this is a great idea for someone who needs to practice a little more R 'n' R.

Christmas gifts

Fitness challenge poster – from around £5

This one is a great motivator! A workout challenge scratch poster is the perfect choice for someone who likes to set themselves fitness goals. There are various types available – from 30 day challenges to 100 day challenges. Search online to find the best option.

Christmas gifts

Veggie/Vegan cookbook – from around £5

We should all be aiming to reduce our meat intake for the sake of the planet, but a plant-based diet is good for our health too. If you know someone who would appreciate some inspiration for meat-free meals, why not give them a vegan or vegetarian cookbook – there are loads to choose from. The BBC Good Food one is a great one to get started with (pictured).

Christmas gifts

Fitness notepad – from around £6

A notepad for jotting down workout plans and keeping track of weight training progress is very handy as it helps someone to stay focussed on their fitness goals. There are specific fitness notepads available or even a blank one of your choice would do the job.

Christmas gifts

Resistance bands – from around £7

A really convenient and super versatile piece of fitness kit. Resistance bands are easy to store or take with you on a holiday, and the range of activities you can do with them is endless. For example, a band is excellent for someone who can only manage chair-based exercises – they can be used for upper body as well as leg exercises. Tell your recipient to search 'resistance band workouts' on YouTube for inspiration.

Aww you shouldn't have! (£10-£15)

Christmas gifts

Water bottle – from around £10

Having a water bottle to carry on the go is great way increase fluid intake as it's so convenient. There are many stylish options to choose from – Costa do posh metal ones that keep your drink cold or hot if you want to upgrade someone, but our favourites are the simple plastic ones labelled with the time of day. The time stamps provide great motivation to keep drinking and get in your 6-8 glasses.

Christmas gifts

Hula hoop – from around £12

Inspire someone to channel their inner child while also getting fit! The hula hoop is a fun way to burn calories – just 10 minutes a day while watching TV or incorporated into a fitness routine to add extra variety. Ideal for keeping fit from the comfort of home in the winter months, it's easy to use indoors or on the patio!

Christmas gifts

Sleep headphones – from around £14

Whether it's better sleep that's needed or a convenient way to listen to music and keep your ears warm on a walk – headbands with built-in headphones are the way to go. No wires means no fuss, simply link up to a smartphone via Bluetooth and listen away. Nature sounds for better sleep or music on the go – this versatile gift is great for everyone. We like the SnoozeBand ones (pictured).

Christmas gifts

Running socks – from around £15

If you know a keen runner, proper running socks can make a world of difference to comfort. Designed to support the feet and reduce the chances of rubbing, these are a must-have for anyone who is running longer distances. Look to spend around £15-£20 a pair for good quality.

Christmas gifts

Exercise challenge dice or cards – from around £10

A fun gift for someone looking to mix up their fitness routine. Throw the dice and complete the duration and activity they land on. Could be 100 burpees or 10 sit ups (would you dare roll?!). The Oliver Bonas set would make a nice gift as they're nicely packaged (pictured).

Christmas gifts

Foam roller – from around £12

Any fitness fanatic should have a foam roller at home to help with exercise recovery. Simple yet so effective, foam rollers help to ease off sore muscles and aid recovery. They can also improve exercise performance when used to loosen tight muscles. Your recipient can search on YouTube for some help with technique.

Hey big spender! (£20+)

Christmas gifts

Gift card for a veggie box delivery – from £20 to £200+

Know someone who has been toying with the idea of signing up to a veg box subscription? Get them started with a gift card. Go as big or as small as your budget allows, with a one month trial or longer. Signing up to a fruit and veg box is a great way for someone to try new foods, as well as ensuring they eat more of the good stuff!

Christmas gifts

Essential oils diffuser – from around £20

For someone who has a busy life and could do with a helping hand winding down, a diffuser is a perfect choice. Choose from a variety of essential oils to fill the home with a lovely scent. Some even make a subtle sound of trickling water too, which can be really relaxing to listen to!

Christmas gifts

Activity tracker – from around £50 to £300+

If you want to treat someone special, an activity tracker is a fabulous gift for anyone into health and fitness. All the rage for a few years now, fitness trackers have continued to increase in popularity and sophistication, with updated versions coming out all the time. Track anything from steps to sleep patterns, heart rate to stress levels. Well-known brands are Garmin, Fitbit and Apple Watch – but there are many other options available – do your research to find out which one would suit best.

Christmas gifts

Air fryer – from around £30 up to £200+

Know someone who simply loves chips, but doesn't love the calorie tag? An air fryer may be just the ticket. It's a brilliant way to cook delicious homemade chips and even stir-fried meat and vegetables using very little oil. The innovative cooking method produces tasty 'fried' foods, but without the fat. Genius!

Christmas gifts

Subscription to a meditation app – from around £35 to £300+

Meditation apps are a great way for beginners to master the art of meditation. They are also really handy for anyone struggling with their sleep, as they include helpful relaxation techniques. Calm and Headspace are two super popular meditation apps available at the moment and both offer gift subscriptions.

Christmas gifts

Weighted running vest – from around £30

Has your friend or family member mastered the art of running and could do with a new way to up their game? A weight running vest will increase the intensity of runs and up their fitness level further. The vests come in a variety of different weights, so they're suitable for a wide range of abilities. The New Balance one (pictured) is a reasonable price.

Nutritionist Emma Brown (ANutr), MSc Human Nutrition is passionate about how food science applies to the human body, and how the nutrients in what we eat affect us and ultimately have an impact on our health.