Another Postive Day

21 Nov, 2014

Awake nice and early, so decided to get some dreaded tasks done! Had omelette for breakfast (93 cals) and looked at some recipes to make a soup for lunch. Could not find one exactly right, so made my own. Chicken Noodle Egg Drop soup, it was lovely. Basically I used 1.5 ltrs Chicken stock, added 170g Chicken breast to the stock and let the chicken cook through, meanwhile I chopped 70g babycorn & boiled 40g thin noodles. I also added a bit of onion, garlic, black pepper and Soy sauce. When the chicken had cooked, I shred it and added all ingredients (except noodles) plus another 0.5 ltr boiled water (as the liquid reduces whilst cooking chicken).

At this point I scooped out one portion to free (so on another day I can defrost the base and just add small amount of noodles & half egg). Plan Plan Plan!

Once the veggies had cooked through I added the whisked egg & then noodles & served sprinkled with chilli flakes (optional I just love them!) Delicious, hot, low calorie lunch just 147 kcals.

I'm not in the mood to leave the house today, so instead I have done dreaded chores like clearing out the junk under the stairs! Took at least an hour and I did get a sweat on lol! Hoover up right through including stairs and skirts in the hall & stairway. I must have spent about an hour in the kitchen, prepping, cooking and washing up too. This all took over 3 hours, so in total I have burned a MASSIVE 841 kcals. So I am one HAPPY Lesley and I bet the hubby will be happy too ha ha!!!!

So the plan for tonight's dinner is Beef stroganoff (200 Kcals), made with VLF Crème Fraise, beef strip steaks, onions, mushrooms and just half a bag of Boil in the Bag rice (I find this is fab, as you can't go over on portion control) (220 Kcals) So a delicious meal for less than 450 kcals. Its quick and easy to make, the only downside is it does not freeze. As I only cook for hubby and I, when I can I cook the meal for 4 and freeze two portions, for the evenings when you just don't have the time or really cannot be bothered cooking! Let's face it it's better than dialling in a Pizza or takeaway!

Hope you're all have a good week and are enjoying my blog? I'm finding it extremely helpful to keep on track using this and my diary, plus I am being totally honest with my diary, as let's face it, if we don't log it we are just kidding ourselves. Hoping for a good weight loss next week, as I am putting the effort in.

Take care


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