Sandra’s maintenance success

25 Jan, 2024

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Sandra has been successfully maintaining her 5st weight loss with Nutracheck for 25 years, and so we thought we'd ask her some questions on how she personally keeps her weight in check.

How did you find the transition from losing weight to maintaining weight?

The transition from losing weight to maintaining was made easier with the diary. I worked out first what extras I was going to allow myself. These transitions included switching from skimmed milk to semi-skimmed, using olive oil instead of spray oil, and opting for wholemeal wraps rather than crackerbread. I then added in some extras to my meals, such as chips instead of a baked potato, ice cream, scone or cake with coffee. Sometimes I replaced dinner with a cheeseboard supper or just allowed myself the butter portions that come with soup and a roll in cafés.

If I find I’m still losing weight, I might add a slice of toast along with my fruit and yoghurt and a few crisps and coleslaw with lunch. When losing I always have a huge salad with beetroot, pastrami and crackerbreads. Anything can be added in – as long as it's recorded in the diary.

And of course, keep up the exercise and the steps.

Did you continue to use your food diary when you moved into maintaining?

I have continued using the diary every time I lost weight, and in the almost 12 years I've been with Nutracheck, I have never gained after losing by using the maintenance diary. My gains always occur when I've been away on holiday or over Christmas. After that, I'm straight back on it!

Once I'm in a rhythm, I might not write everything in the diary. For instance, I tend to eat lean all week, so I add it into my diary. However, on the weekend, I might have a pizza, cooked breakfast, alcohol, Chinese takeaway, etc. During those days, I might leave my diary blank. Nevertheless, come Monday morning, I'm back on it.

How frequently did you initially weigh yourself?

I weigh myself weekly when I'm losing weight and I have a sneaky peek during the week. I do the same when I'm maintaining my weight.

How long have you been maintaining your weight?

I lost my initial weight in 1998 and have been maintaining it ever since. So it's almost been 26 years.

Do you still use your food diary now?

Currently, I'm not using the diary, but that's because I've been very unwell for most of December, so my appetite has been off. I have just over 2lbs to lose after Christmas, so I will restart now. But, I have been using the Nutracheck forum that I belong to and checking my Fitbit stats on the diary to make sure I'm still burning enough off.

How often do you weigh yourself now you are 25 years into maintaining?

I still weigh myself weekly – I think that's essential. Otherwise, you may not realise that your portions are getting bigger. You may have also enjoyed one treat too many, or worse, gone back to your old bad habits. It's just not worth the feelings of despair when you see the weight going on rapidly, and I see this happening all the time on the forums.

What would your top 3 pieces of advice be to someone who has recently reached their goal weight?

  1. Do not go wild and return to old bad habits – the weight will go on rapidly if you do and your euphoria will not last long!
  2. Use the diary – watch those portions and do this maintenance gradually.
  3. Keep up the exercise and hit your goal steps daily.

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