6 tips from members on surviving the festive season

Rachel Hartley | 21 Dec, 2016

Tip 1. by Caroline C.
Do some canny eating - don't starve yourself before a big meal but space meals out so you are not hungry. e.g. if going to an evening meal, I eat breakfast late around 11ish, and 'lunch' (preferably veg soup), between 4 - 5pm. Then when I eat the big meal I am not starving and also have a few cals "spare".

Tip 2. by Mrs Rusty
Take opportunities to be active - play party games, go for a family walk, keep laughing. Serve food onto plates and then enjoy sitting round a table - don't have dishes on the table.

Tip 3 by Nicky64
If you go to a party with a buffet, eat before you go, that way all you will want is the lighter foods. If you are entertaining at home, send all the leftovers home with your guests.

Tip 4. by Di1231
Don't buy Christmas food like mince pies, sweets, cake, Stollen etc in advance. Make a list and order just enough - get your shopping delivered for Christmas week so you won't be tempted to eat before the big day. No need to buy enough junk to last till February, it's supposed to be one day:)

Tip 5. by Dani rose
If you know that come Christmas Day you are going to not calorie count and that you are just going to enjoy it as a one off day, then in the days leading up to it, up your exercise. If you don't want to do outdoor exercises due to the weather, then there are plenty of indoor activities you can do, for example a work out DVD or a Youtube work out. Last year was my first Christmas on Nutracheck and I'm happy to say that I didn't gain a pound.

Tip 6. by Val L 13
Log in to NC and keep a rough diary.... a guestimated diary still keeps the brakes on! Join in with Monty's mum's 'Stay the same over Christmas challenge' (in the forum).

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