3 x 10-minute workouts for all levels

Emma White - Certified Personal Trainer | 11 Dec, 2022

The lead up to Christmas is often a busy time for all of us – with social events and festive food featuring heavily!

Christmas does only come once a year though, so we should all enjoy ourselves as much as possible – we're not about huge amounts of restriction during the festive season here at Nutracheck. Instead, we want to focus on ways to keep moving in December to help us stay on track and feeling good – while still being able to enjoy a few extra treats here and there.

Exercise can sometimes fall by the wayside in these colder and busier months – but keeping some daily movement can be great for boosting our mood and maintaining our health focus at this time.

To help you do just that, I've put together 3 x 10 minute workouts, that you can do from the comfort of your own home. There are 3 different levels to choose from – light, moderate and vigorous.

Your challenge!

Aim for 10 minutes of exercise a day for 10 consecutive days in December

Either aim for a mix of levels across the 10 days – or pick the level that best suits you, and do it every day for 10 days.


  • Ensure you are sufficiently warmed up before starting each of these workouts.
  • These circuits are not suitable for anyone suffering from an injury, as the whole body is targeted. Please check with your doctor before trying any new exercises when recovering from an injury.
  • Stretch out all the working muscles after each workout.

Light workout

10 moves – 40 seconds of each with 20 seconds rest between moves.

This workout is low impact, with much more focus on core work – great for the days when you need a lighter recovery session or for those just starting on their fitness journey.

  1. Marching on the spot
  2. Squat
  3. High plank
  4. Jabs
  5. Lateral shuffle
  6. Standing oblique crunch
  7. Donkey kick
  8. Side lying leg lift
  9. Crunches
  10. Superman

Moderate workout

10 moves – 40 seconds of each with 20 seconds rest between moves.

This workout will get your heart racing and has some high-impact moves, along with some more slow-paced burner moves to really target certain muscles. This is great if you're feeling up for pushing yourself, but not quite going all out.

  1. Mountain climbers (standing)
  2. Sumo squat pulse
  3. Jumping jacks
  4. Power knees – right
  5. Power knees – left
  6. Single leg glute bridge
  7. Dead bug
  8. Side plank – right
  9. Side plank – left
  10. Pedal

Vigorous workout

10 moves – 45 seconds of each with 10 seconds rest between moves.

This circuit is no joke! It consists of high impact moves and is designed to push you. As with all exercise you can take things at your own pace – but if you have it in you, go all in and give each 45 seconds everything you have for maximum effect.

Warning! This circuit is not designed for beginners.

  1. Running on the spot
  2. Jump squats
  3. Up down plank
  4. High jump
  5. Bicycle crunches
  6. Mountain climbers
  7. Shuffle with floor tap
  8. Push ups
  9. Boat pose
  10. Burpees


The information provided here is for educational purposes and in no way intended to replace medical or health advice provided by a qualified professional. You should seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider regarding any medical or wellness conditions you may have, in determining whether to use or adapt the information or content provided. Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. With all exercise, a risk of injury exists. We accept no responsibility for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other losses or damages that may result including, but not limited to, economic loss, injury, illness or death, from the use of the content provided.

Emma White (Certified Personal Trainer) has always loved fitness. She's passionate about the many benefits of regular exercise, particularly the positive impact on mental health and overall quality of life, as well as how it provides the key to successful weight management.

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