The Diet Plan service closed on 31st December 2018.

Why did Diet Plan close?

We believe that our flagship weight loss service, Nutracheck will provide a better experience for members. We know that many Diet Plan members used the food diary rather than a diet plan, and Nutracheck offers a dedicated food diary service which gets excellent reviews. It is available via the website, or the barcode scanning App on your phone or iPad. The diary has many more features than Diet Plan, and we are confident that if you like using a food diary, Nutracheck will provide a superior service for you (it's actually cheaper too!)

This decision was communicated to everyone with an active Diet Plan membership back in September 2018, and there have been a number of email reminders sent since. If you have any questions about your Diet Plan account, please get in touch

I was using the diet plans – does Nutracheck offer any meal plans?

Nutracheck is primarily a food diary service, so it does not have the personalised meal plans like Diet Plan. We have a few eating plans on the website that give you mix and match meal suggestions. Plus Nutracheck has a comprehensive recipe section (like Diet Plan) where you can find meal ideas.

Will you transfer all my data from Diet Plan if I decide to join Nutracheck?

If you are a returning Diet Plan member, at your request we can move across all your food diary entries, manually added foods, recipes you have created and weigh in history.

What happens to my Diet Plan forum profile?

The Diet Plan forum already shares the Nutracheck forum. If you've set up a forum profile in the past, this will be moved across to Nutracheck.

The only posts you will lose will be any you have made on the Diet Plan members board (this was only viewable by Diet Plan members and will no longer be available after the closure).

What does Nutracheck do that is better than Diet Plan?

If you were mostly counting calories in your food diary on Diet Plan, then we are confident that you will like Nutracheck.

Nutracheck works in a very similar way – the Diet Plan diary was originally based on the Nutracheck design, so you should find it very familiar.

Nutracheck offers:

  • A barcode scanning App for iPhone, iPad and Android phones.
  • Links with Fitbit to automatically pull in your steps.
  • Nutrient tracking – protein, carbs, sugar, fat, sat fat and salt – as well as calories.
  • More flexibility over your targets – set your own calorie allowance and rate of weight loss.
  • Better value – you can use the Nutracheck Website & App, or just the App. An App-Only subscription costs just £3.99 per month.
  • Lots of useful tips and advice – a regular blog in the App, plus follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

What will you do with my data when Diet Plan ceases to operate?

We will retain your data on our secure servers for 18 months (until 30th June 2020). If you wish to join Nutracheck before this date your Diet Plan data can be transferred across if you wish.

However if you want your data to be removed, you can contact us at any time and we will delete your account.

How much does Nutracheck membership cost?

  • 3 months Website & App £22.99 (renews at £7.99 per month after the initial term)
  • 6 months Website & App £41.99 (renews at £7.99 per month after the initial term)
  • 1 months App-Only £3.99 (auto renews monthly at £3.99)
  • 12 months App-Only £29.99 (one off payment, no auto renewal)

*iOS Nutracheck App, UK App Store, last 52 weeks

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