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Grilled Pepper & Chicken Sandwich
Serves: 1
Per Serving
Cal Fatg Carbg Protg
270 4.5g 29.1g 30.1g
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100g chicken breast
1 bell pepper
2 slices Allinson Wholemeal Bread
10ml Heinz Light Salad Cream


1. Cut the pepper and chicken into strips.
2. Grill the chicken and the pepper until the chicken is cooked through.
3. Scatter the chicken strips and pepper over one slice of the bread.
4. Spread the other slice of bread with the salad cream and place on top of the other slice.

Any other comments :

For variety, sprinkle a tsp of Schwartz fajita spice mix on each side of the chicken breast before you grill it - this adds about 15 cals to the lunch.