Calories in Calories in Cod, Steamed

Calories in Cod, Steamed

Calories in meat, fish and poultry foods vary widely according to the type of animal or fish and cut.

Part of the protein food group, the recommended daily intake is 56g for men and 45g for women (aged 19-50 years).

Calories in poultry such as chicken and turkey are the lowest. Calories in fish depend on whether it is 'oily' (e.g. mackerel, salmon, tuna) or 'white' (e.g. cod, haddock, plaice) - 'white' is lowest. Calories in meat can be reduced by trimming all visible fat and choosing the leanest cuts.
Description Serving Sizes kCal Fat(g)
Calories in Cod, Steamed    Small fillet, 50g 42 0.4
   Med fillet, 120g 100 1.1
   Large fillet, 175g 145 1.6
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