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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 23 Jan 11

What calories will I burn for TRX and Body Balance classes?



Just joined the gym and tried the TRX and Body Balance class but neither activity is listed. Can you advise how many calories are burned?





Our expert says...




For a Body Balance class the calorie expenditure for a 1 hour class would be approximately 212-240 calories. Where along the calorie range given you would sit, will be based on:


- Your current level of exercise experience


- The quality of your technique and effort within the classes


- The content of the classes – which isn’t a major issue in body balance due to its choreographed nature but ranges may differ slightly with each new release and the variety of moves between them. 


Training with the TRX suspension system is less obvious a calorie range, as classes are open to any combination and intensity of moves the instructor chooses so this can mean a potentially huge range for the calorie burning figure. I would recommend you go with a generalised approximate figure of 400 calories per hour based on the functional nature of the TRX systems – requiring core and joint stabilization which all require increased calorie burning.


Hope this helps,



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