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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Angela Dowden

Posted 06 Feb 08

Is readybrek as good as porridge for a wheat-free eater?

I have an allergy to wheat, which I can tolerate in small quantities (say the equivalent of three sandwhich worth in a week but over that andI?m in trouble), so I find breakfast a real chore for choices.
I absolutely hate the texture of porridge! But I know its a 'good' food - slow release energy etc... so I have Readybrek instead as it doesnt give me the urge to erm, urge!
My question is this, Am I getting the same benefits from Readybrek as others do from porridge? I have skimmed milk, and sweeten it with honey...

Our expert says...

Hi thanks for your question - I have a confession to make - I hate porridge too! Any way, I'm glad to say Readybrek, if you can bear it, is still a reasonably good option. Though it's not quite as low GI (slow releasing) as the rougher cut more chunky oats, it still fills for quite long. Other options are wheat free muesli, boiled eggs, or a bowl of yogurt with fruit and honey, plus some porridge oats, nuts or seeds mixed in.