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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 28 Jul 08

How many calories does the treadclimber burn?


There doesn't seem to be any option in the calories burnt section for the treadclimber. Please can you let me know how many calories this machine burns? And is it true that this machine burns more calories in the same time as other similar gym equipment?

Our expert says...


There certainly is alot of publicity around the calorie burning capabilities of the treadclimber so I can totally understand why you would ask about how it compares with other machines.

The advertising clearly states that you can burn calories twice as fast and if you were to walk on a treadmill at the same speed then yes this is the trend, (based on research at the Human Performance laboratory in New York?s Adelphi University). However, it is not more effective then walking at a faster speed or running on a treadmill or working at a higher intensity on other machines, so it is important to keep it in perspective.

Also, the degree of the increased calories expenditure would relate to the quality of technique used, the fitness level and the experience level of the individual.

Based on the aforementioned research, (there is limited research as the treadclimbers are quite recent), it would therefore be possible to equate treadclimber calorie figures as follows:

- 3.5 mph would approximately equate to 503 calories per hour

- 4.0 mph would approximately equate to 588 calories per hour

- 4.5 mph would approximately equate to 721 calories per hour

- 5.0 mph would approximately equate to 869 calories per hour

Hope this helps


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