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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 06 Jul 08

How many calories does a gravity air walker glider burn?


Could you let me know roughly how many calories are burnt using this piece of equipment, as I cannot find it on the list. I have one and I use it every day but the calories used on the onboard computer seem a bit too high and I just wondered if you had the correct figures for this.

Thank you

Hayley x

Our expert says...

Hi Hayley,

I would suggest that for the air walker you look at a calorie figure in the range of 295-330 calories for an hours duration. Due to the smooth, supported, non-impact action of the legs, the calories burned are generally lower then that of using a treadmill. However, because large muscle groups are involved, (including arms if you emphasis pushing and pulling with the upper body on the handles provided), the calorie figure can reach levels similar to that of a more high-tech, commercial-based X-trainer.

Where on this range your specific calorie figure is will depend on the following factors:

- Your exercise experience ? if you are relatively new to exercise or to using the air walker then your calorie expenditure will be more towards the higher end of the calorie range then if you have been using it everyday for months and months. This is because the body can cheat and can become more efficient if we give it the same demands over a long period of time without variety.

- The intensity level of the exercise session based against your own fitness level (the harder you work, the higher the calorie expenditure).

- The quality of your technique ? try to ensure you use both your upper and lower body within the movement and do not let the arms just move effortlessly with the handles. Force yourself to stay strict by keeping your abdominal muscles switched on, your shoulders back and your chest up. The better the quality of technique the higher the calories burned.

I hope this helps Hayley,


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