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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 02 Feb 08

How many calories can I burn in a 45minute tone class?

Can you please let me know how many calories you can burn in a 45 minute tone class? Thanks Vicky

Our expert says...

Hi Vicky,

A 45minute tone class would approximate to around 240-310 calories in a 45minute class but where in this range you fall will depend on several factors:

1) The type of activities that make up the content of the class - the more time dedicated to aerobic-style, high intensity movement (i.e. boxercise style, dance, step) the higher the potential calorie burning. The percentage of time within the class using a Swiss ball will provide high levels of muscle activity at a moderate intensity and so will increase the calorie expenditure. The amount of time given to yoga or Pilates or stretching will be time spent at a lower intensity and therefore will have a lower demand of calories burned. The above is worth remembering as different exercise instructors will involve different exercise components to a different degree and obviously one tone class could consist of very different movements/exercises to another!

2) Personal level of fitness - if someone is a beginner to exercise or to the specific workout, generally they could potentially find the workout more demanding and so use up more calories. As we adapt and gain fitness benefits through consistent use, so the calorie demand will drop as we become more efficient at the workout.

3) The quality of techniques - it is incredible how different people can do the 'same' workout but experience completely different results and this relates to the effort and technique given by the individual. If someone has good technique and can activate the right muscle groups then they will be able to burn up more calories then someone who is cheating themselves on some of the movements / holds.

Hope this helps


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