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Real Life Diet Questions Answered

Angela Dowden

Posted 25 Jan 10

How can I calculate Calories in Alcohol?

Hi there - did a forum search and found some hits for beer and cider calories that were posted a couple of years ago - but was wondering if there were any recent developments in calculating how many calories in your tipple?

Our expert says...



Thanks for your query, and yes we can help to a certain extent - at least as far as calculating the calories in the alcohol part of the drink is concerned. To do, this you need to know that:

1g of alcohol contains 7 calories, and 1ml of alcohol weighs 0.8g.
A 100ml drink of a 6% ABV drink therefore has 6ml of alcohol which = (6 x 0.8)g = 4.8g

The alcoholic calories therefore add up to  4.8 x 7 = 33.6 calories.

You have to realise though that the other 94% of the drink which isn’t alcohol may also contain calories - sugar or cream for example.  That’s why it’s best to stick with vodka, whisky, gin and other shorts where the calories do just simply come from this alcohol, plus whichever mixer you add.

Obviously we will add more branded alcoholic drinks on the site as and when we get any information on them.  In the meantime, hope this helps!