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Real Life Fitness Questions Answered

Kelly Marshall
Fitness Consultant

Posted 16 May 08

Help, I am confused over my heart rate monitor and BMR?


I just have a little confusion, I know my heart monitor gives calories burnt, and this includes the calories used to keep you ticking over so to speak. I'm guessing then, after an exercise session, that the total calorie burnt is including my calories in my BMR. If my gym session is 1hr, 30 minutes approx, should I be calculating 1hr 30mins worth of BMR and subtracting this from my calories burnt, recorded by my heart monitor?

Thanks Fern

Our expert says...

Hi Fern,

I think you are trying to be more intricate then is actually needed with regards to the inclusion or exclusion of your BMR figure during your workout. Heart rate monitors use the personal details, (such as age and weight), to calculate your calorie expenditure but do not really go too far with the BMR involvement. The reason being is that although we can be scientific to a degree we are unable to measure certain changes around exercise and BMR, one example is in the inability to predict the exact increases in BMR that any particular workout will have and how long the elevated BMR will last for. Therefore it is not necessary to subtract your approximate BMR off the heart rate monitor calorie figure.

Hope this helps


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