Using a Calorie Counter
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Using a Calorie Counter to track your food and drink consumption
is a highly effective way to improve your eating habits and manage your weight

Why is the Calorie Counter approach successful?

Your current weight and desired goal weight will determine your calorie counting target. If your weight falls within the healthy BMI range and you want to maintain it, then using a Calorie Counter is a beneficial tool in preventing weight gain. If you're overweight and would like to lose weight, calorie counting is essential as you need to create a calorie deficit - which means your energy out (through activity) must exceed your energy in (food).

Celebrity diets and diet 'plan' are often very restrictive in what they allow you to eat and how much. Dieting can feel like a punishment - which is why we give up. It doesn't need to be like this when using Nutracheck's online Calorie Counter. Many restrictive diets result in some weight loss initially because your calorie intake is severely lowered, but they're just not sustainable. Using our Calorie Counter means you can still have many of the foods you like, as long as your calorie intake is within your target by the end of the day.

How does our Calorie Counter and Food Diary work?

Your body needs calories to survive - calories provide your body with energy. The average female requires approximately 2,000 calories per day, while a male requires 2,500 - but this depends on physical activity levels, and your age. The Nutracheck Calorie Counter works this out for you

This average requirement (set out by health professionals) is what your body needs to maintain weight, assuming your BMI falls within the healthy weight range. If you exceed this calorie count, your body stores the excess energy as fat, resulting in weight gain. However if you reduce your calorie intake by around 500 calories a day through a combination of diet and more exercise, you will start to lose weight.

Using a Calorie Counter to track your food and drink consumption is a powerful way to reduce your daily calorie intake. The Nutracheck Calorie Counter also includes an Exercise tracker to monitor your calorie expenditure too. Remember, the more exercise you do, the more it helps to boost your weight loss. And if you're maintaining, keeping a moderate activity level makes it so much easier to keep your body weight constant.

How do I find out what my daily calorie count should be?

Sign up for our 5-day free trial. Enter your age, gender, height, weight, activity levels and a 'goal weight'. We'll then set you a personal daily calorie target. You will also be given a 'Goal Weight' date. Providing you use the Calorie Counter to log everything you eat and drink in your Food Diary, and stay within your daily calorie target, this is the date you should reach your goal.

By using the Nutracheck Calorie Counter and Food Diary, calorie counting couldn't be easier. You can check what's in the food you eat regularly and swap high calorie items for healthier alternatives. We'll help to ensure you are keeping within your personal calorie target.

Don't just take our word for it, sign up for a 5-day FREE trial today and try Nutracheck's online Calorie Calculator.

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