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Nutracheck. How it Works. 3 simple steps.

Healthy calorie counted meals


No banned foods.
Teaches heatlhier food choices.

Diet app for iPhone and Android


Reality check. Be honest and
track everything.

Lose weight through counting calories


The more diary entries you keep
the more you will lose.

Life changing weight loss. Amazing transformations.

Chris lost 8st

"Nutracheck gave me the knowledge to take that control."

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Elaine lost 3st

Elaine dropped 3 dress sizes and is keeping off all the weight.

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Jennifer lost 2st 6lb

"I know I will never need to go on another diet."

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Nutracheck App for
phone and tablet

  • Free App with membership
  • Barcode scanning for quick food diary updates
  • Automatically syncs with your online account

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Calorie counter App for iPhone and Android

Link to your fitbit

Benefit from our unique UK food database by linking your Nutracheck food diary with your Fitbit wireless activity tracker.

Fitbit tracks your steps and counts those exercise calories for you, automatically uploading your personal data to Nutracheck via your desktop or mobile.

Learn more about the Nutracheck Food Diary and Fitbit

FitBit UK Food Diary database

Link to HealthKit

The latest version of our iPhone App now links to Apple's Health App providing convenient summaries of daily Calories consumed, fat grammes and Active Calories.

To link up, simply download the latest version then visit the 'More' section and click on 'HealthKit'.

* requires an iPhone with iOS8 and version 3.4.0 (or higher) of the Nutracheck App

Nutracheck 4.8 out of 5 based on 200 ratings. 200 user reviews.

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