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Angela Dowden

In this section you can find the answer to hundreds of archived questions previously posted by members.

Member Subject Date
Janet Nutritionist Just started with the diet, eating well, but constipated? 18/01/2013
Janet Nutritionist When using cider in cooking, is all the alcohol burnt off? 18/01/2013
Janet Nutritionist Haven't lost for a few weeks - what can I do to kickstart? 18/01/2013
Janet Nutritionist Training for a marathon & very hungry, should I eat more? 18/01/2013
Janet Nutritionist Which foods contain soluble instead of insoluble fibre? 18/01/2013
Janet Nutritionist I'm type 2 diabetic,what are the best low carb foods to eat? 18/01/2013
Janet Nutritionist Could my hair loss been due to my weight loss? 18/01/2013
Janet Nutritionist I'm taking Warfarin - should I change my calorie intake? 18/01/2013
Janet Nutritionist How can I tackle my cravings for alcohol at the weekends? 05/12/2012
Janet Nutritionist Are pre packed meals okay to have every now and then? 05/12/2012
Janet Nutritionist How much alcohol is there is Christmas Pudding? 05/12/2012
Angela Nutritionist How much do I need to eat of carbs / protein etc? 19/11/2012
Angela Nutritionist I've been ill with a stomach bug, but I still can't eat! 25/10/2012
Angela Nutritionist Good foods to eat after an operation? 28/09/2012
Angela Nutritionist What's a high fibre breakfast that's low in sugar & calories? 13/09/2012
Angela Nutritionist Switching from low carb to low cal, when will I lose again? 21/08/2012
Angela Nutritionist What's the difference between saturated and unsaturated fat? 20/08/2012
Angela Nutritionist How can I plan my meals around work? 18/07/2012
Angela Nutritionist How much diet lemonade is too much? 28/06/2012
Angela Nutritionist Why am I constipated? 13/06/2012
Angela Nutritionist What's best to eat before a run? 31/05/2012
Angela Nutritionist Vegetarian breakfast options to keep me fuller for longer? 30/05/2012
Angela Nutritionist Is it okay to eat three apples a day? 29/05/2012
Angela Nutritionist I lost 7lbs last week, but this week have gained 1lb - why? 25/05/2012
Angela Nutritionist Can pancreatitis be linked to weight loss? 25/05/2012
Angela Nutritionist I need some new ideas for healthy and filling breakfasts 01/05/2012
Angela Nutritionist What's the best food to eat with an underactive thyroid? 30/04/2012
Angela Nutritionist Does low fat mean I can have more? 27/04/2012
Angela Nutritionist What foods should I be eating for my psoriasis? 13/03/2012
Angela Nutritionist What can I snack on after dinner that won't ruin my diet? 17/02/2012
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